Have you considered actually travelling to India to personally meet your child? This could quite easily be you. Every year, Dunamis gives sponsors the opportunity to visit their sponsor child. In the first two weeks of January each year, sponsors from Australia travel together as a sponsor team to personally meet their child. 

The process is quite simple. Once you become a sponsor, you will receive notification each year giving you the opportunity to register your interest in going on one of the trips. A meeting will be scheduled in August to meet prospective team members and to discuss the details of the trip. Sponsors who then make a firm decision to go the following January will be given further travel and payment requirments. 


The sponsor tour will cost around $3000 per person for all your expenses other than your passport, visa, donations and personal spending. This covers all your flights, tour around the homes in India, your accommodation and meals. 


Travelling to India and meeting your sponsor child personally is guaranteed to change your life! You will come home a more compassionate, more generous and more reflective person. On one hand you can’t help but be impacted by the extraordinary sensory experience of a day in one of India’s teeming cities. India has a remarkable way of evoking a range of emotions and leaving you enthralled. On the other hand, you will encounter a group of children whose attitude to life will truly move you. Children who have so little but exude such love and joy, genuinely displaying an authenticity and contentment in life. 

Meet your child face to face and experience the indescribable joy of seeing the transformation that your sponsorship is making in his or her precious life!